Current Vacancies

Brebur is characterised by its highly trained and motivated staff, we understand the need to recruit, train and reward our people to ensure that we stay at the forefront of our field. We are always interested in hearing from any prospective employees and welcome any enquiries for all levels of our business, from the work face to upper management. For the right calibre applicant we can provide career investment, job security and financial rewards befitting the top talent in our industry.

Date Posted Job Title Location Job Type Closing Date
26th Jul, 2022 Labourers Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, North East Other
26th Jul, 2022 Ceiling Fixers Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, North East Other
26th Jul, 2022 Plasterers Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, North East Other
26th Jul, 2022 Fixers Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, North East Other

Our employment policy

Brebur is committed to promoting best employment practice and equal opportunities within our organisation. The following policy statement applies to the Brebur family:
Brebur believes that good employment practice, by and for Brebur, will contribute positively to the effectiveness and influence of the construction industry. It will also improve business opportunities, employment diversity and personal development, and is vital to the profession’s role in raising the quality of our built environment and benefiting society.


The benefits of adopting good employment practice are numerous and well documented. Business benefits can include reduction in turnover of employees and therefore costs associated with recruitment and training; increased staff morale and productivity; and a diverse workforce that brings a wider knowledge base, experience and skills to our clients. Improving employment practice in the construction industry is also about providing wider benefits to society. Architecture reflects the society that builds it, but it also affects the way that society develops. This means we need to recruit, retain and promote staff who can respond to the different needs and values of all sections of the community.

Brebur expects that its staff will follow our own policies as employers and their professional obligations as set out in the Brebur Code of Conduct. The purpose of this policy is to encourage Brebur staff as employers and employees to promote best practice in employment and to support members in fulfilling their professional obligations.

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